What is LILO?

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LILO is a boot loader for Linux. It is used mainly to load the Linux operating system into main memory so that it can begin its operations.
2017-04-08 13:31:30 Linux

What is An Intent?

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Exam Ki Taiyari

It is connected to either the external world of application or internal world of application ,Such as, opening a pdf is an intent and connect to the web browser.etc

2017-03-15 17:30:52 Android

Describe Android application Architecture?

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Android application architecture has the following components.They are as follows −

Services − It will perform background functionalities

Intent − It will perform the inter connection between activities and the data passing mechanism

Resource Exte...

2017-03-30 17:01:24 Android

What is Android?

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Exam Ki Taiyari

Android is a stack of software for mobile devices which includes an Operating System, middleware and some key applications. The application executes within its own process and its own instance of Dalvik Virtual Machine.

2017-03-15 16:50:12 Android

Is Linux Operating system Virus free?

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No! There doesn’t exist any Operating System on this earth that is virus free. However Linux is known to have least number of Viruses, till date, yes even less than UNIX OS. Linux has had about 60-100 viruses listed till date. None of them actively spreading nowadays. A rough estimate of ...

2017-03-15 13:19:43 Linux (Interview)

What is Objects in Java?

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Let us now look deep into what are objects. If we consider the real-world, we can find many objects around us, cars, dogs, humans, etc. All these objects have a state and a behavior.

If we consider a dog, then its state is - name, breed, color, and the behavior is - barking, wagging t...

2017-03-15 12:33:28 Java ( Common )

Tools You Will Need

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For performing the examples discussed in this tutorial, you will need a Pentium 200-MHz computer with a minimum of 64 MB of RAM (128 MB of RAM recommended).

You will also need the following softwares −

  • Linux 7.1 or Windows xp/7/8 operating system
  • Jav...
2017-03-15 12:33:43 Linux (Common Questions)

History of Java

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James Gosling initiated Java language project in June 1991 for use in one of his many set-top box projects. The language, initially called ‘Oak’ after an oak tree that stood outside Gosling's office, also went by the name ‘Green’ and ended up later being renamed as J...

2017-03-15 11:53:20 History